Excel importer

When importing tickets from a spreadsheet you need to "tag" the first row (the column titles) in order for the importer to recognize the key information such as the name, number of guests etc. All the other columns are imported as custom fields, unless tagged with the [ignore] tag. The following tags are supported:

  • [name] - name of the owner of the ticket(s)
  • [tickets] - number of tickets (inclusive free tickets). Defaults to 1 if left empty
  • [free tickets] - number of free tickets. Defaults to 0 if left empty
  • [auto] - name, tickets and free tickets combined into the "name +(tickets - 1) (free tickets)" format
  • [guest list] - name of guest list to add this guest to, overrides the default guest list specified when uploading file
  • [reference user] - username of the user to be the reference of this guest (only admins can set this to anyone else than themselves)
  • [ignore] - do not import this column


In this first example, we have one name column and also a "Company" column that will be imported as a custom field:

[name] [tickets] [free tickets] Notes Company
John Smith 5 2 Age ok Attendium
Albert Einstein 5 2

Multiple name columns are supported in case the name is split into more than one column. Here the "Company" column is tagged with "[ignore]" so it is not imported:

Name [name] Surname [name] [tickets] [free tickets] Company [ignore]
John Smith 5 2 Attendium
Albert Einstein 5 2

The "auto" column can be used to combine the "name", "tickets" and "free tickets" columns into one:

John Smith +4 (2)
Albert Einstein +1


Download basic template.