Facebook app

By using our facebook app you can let facebook users sign up to your event on your facebook page. The sign-ups are directly added to your Attendium event guest list so you do not need to do any exporting/importing.

Selecting which events to show on facebook

Every time you want to make an event available on facebook, you need to tell the system which one by creating a public invitation for that event:

  1. Log in to Attendium back office
  2. Go to events, and select which event or create a new one
  3. For the event, go to the "invitations" tab and create a new invitation that you want to make available on facebook
  4. Check the "publicly visible" checkbox to show the invitation on facebook

If you do this for only one guest list on an event, only the event name will be shown in the facebook app. If you have multiple guest lists that are marked as available on facebook both the event name and the guest list name will be shown.

Adding the app to your facebook page

Once you have selected which events/guest lists to show on facebook, you can add the app.

  1. Click here to go to the facebook dialog where you can select which page to add the app to
  2. Once you have added the app, go to your facebook page and click the facebook app image
  3. Click the "Admin" link at the bottom of the app (this will only show up if you are admin of the facebook page)
  4. If you are not logged in to Attendium already, it will ask you to log in
  5. Select which venue to connect the facebook page to (only events from this venue will be shown) and select the other settings
  6. If you are familiar with HTML, you can customize the app by adding extra fields after the opening form tag. Use html5 input style like: <input type="text" name="E-mail" placeholder="E-mail">. The name of the input will be the name of the custom field in Attendium

Promoting your event

When you click the Attendium facebook app image on your facebook page and go to the app, the url in your browser changes. You can copy this url and use it to promote your event on facebook by posting it on your wall or sending it to friends.

Removing events from facebook

Simply undo what you did in the first step, basically remove the "Add tickets" permission for user "Public" and the event/guest list will disappear.