Getting started

Welcome to Attendium! Your friendly digital guest list app created to help make guest list management a whole lot more efficient!

Attendium's amazing technology allows you to be able to create as many user accounts, guest lists and venues as you want to. In just a few simple clicks, you will be all set and ready to professionally take on and welcome your guests at your event!

To begin with, one must sign up for an Attendium account by signing up.

Sign up

Before the event

Log in to the back office

You manage the events mainly using the web based back office. To log in, click the "Log in" link at the top right of

Create a venue

In order to start creating events in Attendium you need to add a venue first, since each event needs to be connected to one (a place, club etc). You create a venue by going to the Venues section, clicking the "New venue" button, entering a name and saving it.

Tip: Name your venue something short and commonly used, like the name of the club or an address. Example: "W hotel terrace".

Create an event

For each event you want to manage, you should create a corresponding one in Attendium. You do this by going to the Events section, clicking the "New event", entering a name and saving it.

Tip: Name your event something short and add a date. Example: "Wednesday 22/11".

Add guest lists

An event has all its guests organized in guest lists. By default when you create a new event, a list called "guests" is created. Unless you are fine with not categorizing your guests, you can add as many guest lists as you want. You do this by selecting your event, going to the Guest lists section for that event, clicking the New guest list button, entering a name and saving.

Tip: Name your guest lists something very short, clear and explanatory. Example: "VIP".

Add guests

There are several ways of adding guests to your event. Using the back office you can add guests per guest, import them from an excel file or copy & paste them from an e-mail or similar.

During the event

Check in guests

To check in your guests at the venue you use our mobile app. You can download the app for free on the app store by clicking the badge below:

In order for you to log on to your account on Attendium's app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, to access the guest list that you have just uploaded, you will need to make sure that your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to a wi-fi or 3G network.

Log in, select the event and start searching the guest lists. You can search by the full name or initials like "j s" for John Smith etc. When you have found the guest you wish to check in, select him/her in the guest list and tap the check in button.

Add guests

During the event, you can still add guests in the above mentioned ways.

Check the statistics

You can monitor your event by checking interesting statistics. If you have multiple users under your account (read about permissions) you can see how many guests they have added to your event and how many of these have been checked in etc. To do this, go to the Events section, select your event and go to the Statistics section for that event.

After the event

Export guest lists to excel