Website app

By using our website app you can let visitors sign up to your event on your website. The sign-ups are directly added to your Attendium event guest list so you do not need to do any exporting/importing.

Selecting which events to show on your website

Every time you want to make an event available on your website, you need to tell the system which one by creating a public invitation for that event:

  1. Log in to Attendium back office
  2. Go to Events, and select which event or create a new one
  3. For the event, go to the "invitations" tab and create a new invitation that you want to make available on your website
  4. Check the "publicly visible" checkbox to show the invitation on your website

If you do this for only one guest list on an event, only the event name will be shown in the website app. If you have multiple guest lists that are marked as available on facebook both the event name and the guest list name will be shown.

Adding the app to your website

  • Go to Venues, and select a venue
  • Select the "Share" tab and then select the "Website app" sub-tab