These last few months have been a busy time for us. We have been collecting feedback from customers and partners in order to make Attendium better. Watch our website for updates in the near future!
Since the launch of our Android app, barely anyone is using our SMS service anymore. Therefore, to make room for other functions, we will be retiring this function in the near future.
What do you do if you promote your event with a Facebook event and want a guest list of all the attending guests? Today we launched a small tool that will extract those names and give you them so that you can print them, or even better - import them into your Attendium event. Here it is: facebook event...
This weekend we silently launched a new feature: invitations! Until now, you have been able to collect event registrations to your event either by giving users explicit access to your event/guest lists by creating an user account for them or by putting your event publicly on facebook or your website....
Today we did something unusual - we removed the fields feature. After a few weeks we realized that the feature was a mistake, making our product more complicated than it needed to be. You can now again as before add any field to any guest at the time of adding the guest. For any users that started to...
For some time now we have had a custom field feature that allows you to attach any information to a guest. Today, we start rolling out a improved field functionality that allows you to predefine and mark fields as required when adding a guest. We begin with the back office, the facebook- and website-apps...
Good news everyone! This morning we did a update to the back office of Attendium: Setting permissions for users and many other things is now much faster You can now export Statistics The support chat is now available when logged in to the back office Bug fixes If you were logged in this morning...
As promised - we now have a beta version of the android app available for you! It has been tested on several devices but can still have some problems so should perhaps not be relied entirely upon. We are testing this hard so that we can make sure it has the same quality as our iOS app! To download the...
Hello again everybody, The guests editor got an overhaul today. It now allows you to browse, add and edit guests more like in the mobile app. The excel and text importer has been moved to the "Import" button. Hope you like it!
A lot of our customers have been asking for an Android version of the mobile app. We are happy to say that we have been working hard and are in the final testing phase of it. Plan is to release it within just a few days from now. Stay tuned!