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Event check-in

Search for and check in your guests by name, guest list or custom fields on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Battle tested for over 10 years by leading event venues.

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Guest list app screenshot
Find guests quickly screenshot
Find guests quickly
Quickly find guests by name, guest list or custom fields. The search matches full names, initials or parts of names in a way that feels very natural and efficient.
Check in guests and their plusses screenshot
Check in guests and their plusses
Press the check in button once for each guest you want to check in. If the guest has plusses, you can press the button several times so that you can keep track of how many of them that arrived.
Online and offline
When you're online, check-ins are automatically synchronized with other devices.

If your internet connection is unreliable and you go offline, you can still check guests in and they will be synchronized when you regain connectivity.
Attendance reports
Export lists of guests that did or didn't attend your event. Or simply create an account with limited access to whoever should be able to see the list in real time so they can check for themselves.
10+ years
17,000+ users
200,000+ events
100,000,000+ guests
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