CSV files

Several of our importers & and exporters use CSV files. These are great in many ways but can be unfamiliar to some users. A CSV file is very much like an excel file, which means that you can create and read them in excel, numbers and other spreadsheet software.
Opening a CSV file in Numbers
Opening a CSV file with numbers is as easy as double-clicking the file or File > Open...
Opening a CSV file in Excel
If you simply double-click a CSV file to open it in Excel, it will show something that looks like a lot of unstructured text which is not what you want. To properly open a CSV file in excel you need to first open Excel and then File > Open... and select your file. Now it should show you something like the image below:
Choose Delimited and press Next which should take you to the following screen:
Here you need to choose Comma which will let you properly open the file by clicking Finish.
Saving a CSV file in Numbers
File > Export > CSV, that's it!
Saving a CSV file in Excel
File > Save as... and then choose CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv) in File format:
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