Adding a sign up form to a facebook page

By using our facebook app you can let facebook users sign up to your event on your facebook page. The sign-ups are directly added to your Attendium event guest list so you do not need to do any exporting/importing.

Important: Facebook has restricted the adding of tabs to pages with at least 2000 fans. This is very unfortunate but out of our control. You can still post links to invitations, which often gives you more outreach.

Every time you want to make an event available on facebook, you need to tell the system which one by creating a public invitation for that event:
  1. In the Invitations tab of an event, create a new invitation
  2. Check the publicly visible checkbox
Adding the app to your facebook page
  1. Press the following link to open a dialog to add the app to your page: add app to page
  2. Go to your facebook page and go to the Attendium facebook app tab
  3. Press "Manage this app" link at the bottom of the app
  4. Select which venue to connect the facebook page to. Only events from this venue will be shown
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