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About us

At Attendium, we all come from a diverse set of backgrounds and have expertise in a range of fields including technology, fashion, events, advertising and business. The one thing we all share in common is our passionate belief in using technology to empower brands. With Piotr at the helm, our number one priority is ensuring that every feature and function associated with our product is perfect. The result is a long list of extremely loyal and happy clients. As a Swedish company, we still serve many local nightclubs and event and PR companies, but have expanded to countries all over the world and are in constant pursuit of partnering with other cutting edge, creative and agile companies who share our belief in technology as a means to a healthier and more prosperous business.


Attendium was born from the realization that there didn't exist a company that took guest list management seriously enough to create high quality software for it. In 2021 we finished our third complete reprogramming of both the web and mobile apps. This time we also made another commitment - the mobile app will have all the functions that the website has, something we have been able to do with innovative product development.

To keep the highest possible quality, all development is done in-house and instead of using third party components we carefully custom make most of them - from buttons to date pickers and lists. The frontend and mobile apps are built in react, with web workers handling heavy background tasks like synchronizing, searching, importing and exporting. Using react is also how we are able to reuse most code, letting us add features rapidly to both web and mobile apps at almost the same time. Synchronization is done using web sockets for low latency, and our servers are hosted on AWS with kubernetes for great performance and availability. Our stateless API ensures you never get logged out or disconnected because of a single server failure, and by using graphql we keep it snappy.

Company details

Attendium AB
Org. nr: 5568649999
VAT nr: SE556864999901
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