Solidaritet MCI

Attendium is an important tool in our business. It allows us to efficiently and confidently work together on the guest lists for our events.

Nima Pirzadeh, Stureplansgruppen


  • Mobile app

    Begin using Attendium by downloading our free mobile guest list app in the app store. The app works perfectly on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Search

    Search for and check in your guests much faster than you would with your traditional paper guest lists. The smart initial-matching search function makes this process trouble-free.

  • Events

    The management tools allow you to manage multiple events at once, hassle free!
  • Guest lists

    Be able to have multiple guest lists for your events, allowing you to categorize your guests. You can choose to name your guest lists with whatever tags you want, for example "VIP", "Press" or "Staff".

  • Venues

    Manage multiple venues, easily assigning each event to a venue making it easy to organize and manage.
  • Facebook app

    Allow your loyal Facebook visitors to sign up for your events through your Facebook page using our handy Facebook app. You can even choose to require your visitors to ''like'' your page before being able to sign up an event, thus boosting your popularity status!

  • Website app

    With minimal effort, add a website app (also called a "widget") to your website, allowing visitors to sign up directly for your events.
  • Synchronization

    Everything is continuously synchronized. Use as many iPads, iPhones, Facebook and Website apps as you want without having to worry about importing, exporting or refreshing anything.

  • Tickets

    John Smith +5? No problem, just give good old John 6 tickets and when John arrives at the entrance, check in as many tickets as you have to - allowing you to keep close track of guest attendance. You can even specify if the tickets are free or not.
  • Custom details

    Add additional information such as, a phone number, an e-mail address, etc to your guests profile. No predefined fields - You can decide what information should be attached to each guest.

  • Statistics

    How many guests did Peter add and how many of his guests actually attended the event? How many VIPs do we have on the list? No problem, simply refer to the event's statistics!
  • Traceability

    See and keep track of which user has added which guests to your event.

  • Users

    Give your co-workers, promoters, friends etc their own accounts to allow for real and effective collaboration.
  • Permissions

    Specify, in a very detailed way what what each user is allowed to do or see. Give door hosts the permission to only check in guests or promoters the permission to only add guests, etc.

  • Import

    Easily import your guests from excel files, e-mails and more.
  • Export

    Want/Need an attendance report of your event? What used to take hours with the traditional paper guest list way now takes mere seconds using Attendium!