Access permissions

Your data is carefully protected, and by default only the master user account is allowed to access it. One of our most powerful features is however the ability to give others access to your data. By doing this, you can efficiently and confidently share your workload.
You should create users for anyone that you would like to give permissions to access your data.
Setting permissions
You can set permissions for Venues, Events and Guest lists.
Permission types
Venues, events and guest lists have a list of access permissions for users. It is here that you specify who and most importantly what they can do with your data. There are different types of permissions you can give users:
  • View guests - see all tickets and guests
  • Add guests - add new tickets and guests
  • Check in guests - use tickets, or in other words check in guests
  • Administer - everything, including all of the above
If you set the permission for a user on a venue, that will apply for all the events in that venue and for all the guest lists of all those events. If you only want to set the permission for a specific event or guest list you need to do it in the permissions section for that event or guest list. If you set a permission on a specific event, that permission will apply to all the guest lists in that event.
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