With invitations, you can let your guests sign themselves up for your event. Once they have submitted the form, they will be added to the guest list of choice and synchronized with your devices.
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Creating an invitation
Explanation of the fields for an invitation:
  • Name - A way for you to reference this inviation in the future. Not shown to guests.
  • Guest lists - To which guest list the guest should be added when submitted. If you select more than one, the guest will be able to choose. You can also limit how many tickets that can be added for that guest list and the max number of tickets per guest (to allow for +1 etc).
  • Fields - You can ask the guest for more information by adding custom fields here. You can also add pre-set fields with info that you already know that won't be visible to the guest but added to the guest entry when submitted.
  • Confirmation e-mail - If you add a field where the guest can enter an e-mail address, you can select it here and the e-mail address from it will then be used to send a confirmation message once the form is submitted.
  • Publicly visible - If you are using our facebook app or website widgets, this option decides the invitation should be visible there or not. Only one invitation can be publicly visible per event. submitted.
Sharing an invitation
Once you have created an invitation, go to the Share section. It will let both e-mail it and copy the URL that you can send yourself.
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